Learning a New Language

This is not a swift related post – This is more like what I did over the weekend in a day. I learned to read and write Korean (Hangul). Since it is self taught and the sounds are slight different than the languages that I have learned / know so far. However I feel that […]

Solving Spotify puzzles using Swift

You must have at some stage attempted to learn about algorithms and searched for puzzles to write algorithms for to solve. There are three interesting puzzles laid out by Spotify at https://labs.spotify.com/puzzles/. We shall have a look at solving those using Swift

How much Abstraction is good abstraction?

Abstraction, is a word that in simple terms means ‘to remove from’ or ‘draw away’ and in terms of software development that is like a function say floodFill(xPos, yPos) so all you need to do is call the function, you do not know how this is implemented as you have no access to the underlining code. […]

Using cerr and cout in Swift 3.0

Last year, there was a post called using cout like functionality in Swift which you can find http://swift.oz-apps.com/2015/05/chaining-cout-in-swift-like-c/. There were a lot of changes in Swift and that made that code redundant, so here is a fresh look at the same again

Everything is a nail…when

The thing about swift is that it makes you think in a particular way, so whenever you see code it makes you think about how it would be done in Swift.

Strings and Emojis

I came across a tweet today joking about how composite emoji’s can be manipulated using Javascript. I tried to replicate the same in Swift and with interesting results.

Validating Strings for Numbers

Swift is gaining popularity with Developers and as companies are considering Swift for their projects. Over a period since the publication of my Swift book (at Swift v1.2) there are many that keep up to date with the new features in Swift and there are those that are now considering the move to Swift or […]

Programming Swift like Swift not Java or Objective-C

The last article was written around September 2015 and a lot has happened in the world of Swift since then including my world (both of which are for another time/article). However in the last couple of months I have been interviewing developers to work with us and the interesting fact that emerges from the technical […]

Swift 2.0 – 2.B Open Source

WWDC 2015 had some interesting announcements and the biggest and most applicable / important announcement is that Swift is now 2.0 and going to be Open Source and be available for Linux. Since swift can be used for REPL, it could be used as an alternative for writing and executing scripts (on Linux type distros). […]